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Starting thoughts

Lorentzkraft is born out of our shared bafflement with the state many creative industries find themselves in today– dependent on traditional corporate structures and client–service relationships. This dependency is having a crippling impact on both the creative product and the creative people involved. However, we believe it’s possible to re-wire our approach.

Lorentzkraft is created as a platform because we believe that:

1. Creative processes should not be stifled – everyone can benefit from unrestrained creative flow, both, industries and innovators.

2. There is a huge army of people out there stuck in restrictive systems (mostly corporations run by mediocrity) that are unable to use full creative potential of talent they have.

Inability to reach our full creative potential is a sad way to be. This platform can be a springboard to relevant talents unable to immediately step out of their daily circumstances.

We create projects of tangible economic value benefiting all the members and want to encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and mutual support within the community, which gives us the economic potential to create a symbiotic, sustainable system.

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