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David Foldvari
Artist / Illustrator

David Foldvari was born in Budapest, Hungary, and has lived in the UK since the mid 80's. His personal work often tackles issues of alienation, identity and belonging, formed by a preoccupation with his eastern European roots, combined with his experience of growing up in the UK. David's work has been appearing weekly in UK newspaper The Guardian for a number of years. Initially he illustrated Charlie Brooker's weekly article in the G2, and more recently his work accompanies David Mitchell's weekly column in the Observer. He has exhibited work globally, most recently with Lazarides / Outsiders in London. Some of his previous clients include the Museum of London, New York Times, Greenpeace, Random House, Nike, Penguin Books, Dazed & Confused and Island Records. Past achievements include a D&AD award for his involvement on Nike's Run London campaign, and for his input on Beck's The Information. David is currently working on a number of new projects, including an exploration of the history of torture and inprisonment commissioned by the Tower of London.