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Talent & Milica

Vladimir Peric is a multimedia artist, working mostly in the fields of installation art and readymade, photography and video, graphic design. He exhibited on more than 60 solo and more than 200 group shows, during his long practice which could be divided into three phases (1986-1996 when he exhibited under pseudonym Talent; 1996-2006 as a founder and member of Talent Factory group, after which he exhibited under his own name and within another ten-year project "Museum of Childhood"). Milica Stojanov joined "Museum of Childhood" soon after its beginning and continued to develop it with Vladimir as a fusion of contemporary collecting, visual art and museological practice.

Milica is an art historian, working as a freelance curator. In the center of her practice is the development and presentation of the collection of "Museum of Childhood", and occasionally she is working with Vladimir as an artist duo, contributing mostly in the media of photography.